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Our Philosophy

Mental healthcare begins with the understanding that good therapeutic 

relationships do not just occur. These relationships are facilitated by experienced and caring professionals in an environment that is accepting and one that fosters growth. Therapeutic relationship is strengthened by the collaboration of the psychologist and the client.

Our Vision

We are the trusted, respected, and preferred mental health institution, and frontrunner to the advancement of Psychology in the Philippines.

Our Mission

We provide quality mental health care services based on ethically sound and value-based practice in the various disciplines of psychology.

We are a pool of highly specialized, dedicated, and competent psychology practitioners providing a caring and trusting environment to our clients.

We provide our expertise in addressing psychological issues and concerns, and help foster awareness and importance of mental health in various areas.

We are engaged in innovating and promoting responsible and compassionate mental health care in the communities.

Our Corporate Values

Care (We care for our clients and ourselves)

Respect (We respect individuality and diversity)

Integrity (We are true to the practice of our profession)

Build Relationships (We value people)