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Who We Are

Gray Matters Psychological Center is an organization composed of certified and licensed clinical and assessment psychologists, and psychometricians. We offer professional psychological services to individuals, groups, and families. Our organization employs an integrated and client-focused approach to assessment and intervention. Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our Philosophy

Mental healthcare begins with the undestanding that good therapeutic relationships do not just occur. These relationships are facilitated by experienced and caring professionals in an environment that is accepting and one that fosters growth. The therapeutic relationship is strengthened by the collaboration of the psychologist and the client.

Our training, knowledge, and expertise in the fields of mental health allow us to assist our clients in addressing their concerns. Our services are customized to meet our clients’ needs as we recognize that no two people, groups, or families are alike.

We aim to provide quality and professional services, putting our clients’ well-being at the center of our work.

We Exist To

Provide quality mental health care services that are sensitive to individual differences.

Provide expertise in addressing psychological issues and concerns.

Help foster awareness of mental health and its importance.

Serve as frontrunners in promoting mental health care in communities.