Industrial Organizational Services

a. Mental Health Outsource Program

b. Organizational Development

i. Gray Matters Psychological Center can provide services in the following aspects
of Organizational Development:

• Planning & Strategy
• Developing visions, missions and values, strategic plans, and tactical programs
• Organizational Design
• Configuring and re-configuring organizational lines and helping analyze job characteristics, work scopes and reporting relationships to optimize organizational efficiencies
• Change Management
• Providing assistance on establishing a systematic approach in managing change and ensuring synchronicity of the key levers of strategy, operations, culture, communication and rewards
• Team Development
• Building rapports and creating good relationships will drive the business environment in creating high performing teams. We offer team building activities, team character development, and other team intervention initiatives
• Organizational Consulting
• Assisting clients in understanding organizational issues and challenges and design appropriate interventions needed
• Coaching Program
• Coaching services for executives, managers, and supervisors as part of the development initiatives of the organization to differentiate their value proposition to the Company.

 c. Training and Capacity Development

i. Designing and customizing capacity building programs depending on the need of the organization.

• Supervisory Development Program
• Management Development Program

ii. Our training and capacity development programs are composed of series of modular programs aim at developing specific competencies at the employee level.

 d. Human Resource Management and Development

i. Setting up HR systems including but not limited to:
• Performance Management System
• Compensation & Benefits
• Policy Development and Manualization
• Training & Development
• Employee Relations and Management
• Competency Development
• Succession Management
• Program Development

 e. Employee Assistance Services

i. Employee Assistance Services (EAS) are work- based, voluntary, intervention programs for employees to provide assistance on personal and/or work- related problems which can further impact job performance, emotional well- being, and physical and mental health. In EAS, employees are provided with confidential assessments and short- term assessment and/or counseling sessions in order to help them manage and resolve problems affecting their work. EAS are designed to facilitate consultation with managers and supervisors to address needs and changes in the organization.

ii. EAS include but are not limited to:

• Pre-employment Psychological Evaluations
• Employee Wellness Program (Counseling)
• Psychological Assessment (Psychological Testing, Psychological Interview,
Psychological Reporting)

iii. The following are some of the employee concerns that can be addressed by EAS:

• Personal issues (e.g. self- esteem, illness/ disability)
• Job stress
• Relationship conflicts in the workplace
• Career guidance
• Family care and parenting issues
• Substance abuse.
• Separation and loss
• Balancing work and family
• Financial or legal problems
• Trauma/ Violence/ Harassment
• Mental health concerns

iv. EAS may also cover specific organizational concerns such as retirement or lay- off assistance, wellness/ health promotion, and crisis situations.

v. EAS operates under strict confidentiality. Employees are provided an environment where they talk to their counselors in a private and secured environment. Information obtained during the sessions are not reflected in employee records, neither is it shared to co- workers or employers. EAP may be availed by employees through self- referral, recommendation of supervisor, friend or co- worker, or formal referral of companies based on job performance.

 f. I/O Trainings, Seminars, Workshops & Research Assistance

i. CPD Workshops

• As an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider (Accred. No. 2012-023), we provide professionals with relevant and quality trainings, workshops, and seminars on psychology-related topics. We also conduct talks and workshops to school, companies, and organizations on issues concerning mental health.
• Our previous and current CPD offerings include:

a. Psychometric Assessment Workshop
b. Case Management Series
c. Brief Assessment and Intervention using ASSIST

ii. Project ENDOW

• Project Endow symbolize our calling “to contribute” to the mental health needs of our society. This project was founded in response to the advocacy of our clinic to promote mental health awareness and to foster mental health literacy in schools, families and individuals.
• Depression, anxiety and mood problems are among the common mental health concerns of Filipino adolescents (WHO, 2005). Suicide is the leading cause of death among 15- 29 years olds (WHO, 2014). In a research study done by Yuvienco (2015), 96% of college students reported moderate to intense depression while in school. Factors that contribute to depression are academic work, family issues, and relationship problems. Bullying is also predominant in schools. According to DepEd, there are more than 1,700 cases of child abuse or bullying in schools in 2014. One for every 2 children have witnessed violence or abuse in school. Bullying poses a serious threat to a child’s mental health and well- being.
• Our clinic recognizes the important role of educational institutions in changing people’s attitudes and beliefs on mental health. Schools can help improve well-being of students, and create citizens who are socially aware and responsible on mental health related issues. As a mental health facility composed of practitioners, we can extend help in different institutions to address psychological concerns and provide the needed support to students and educational institutions.

iii. General Training & Services

• Gray Matters Psychological Center designs and customizes various trainings and seminars tackling different topics relevant to mental health concerns and issues.
• Some of the seminars the organization has conducted are the following:
a. Well-Being in the Workplace
b. Training and Seminar Program on Disability Awareness
c. Seminar on Self-Advocacy
d. Stress Management Seminar for Seafarers
e. Mental Health Talks

iv. Research Assistance
• Our highly qualified team of Psychology professionals with research track records will be glad to assist you in any of your research needs