Psychological Assessment

What is Psychological Assessment?

Psychological Assessment is the process of collecting data in order to answer a specific referral question. The purpose of psychological evaluation vary with regard to the needs of individuals. The following are some of the uses of psychological evaluation:

  • To assess children’s cognitive abilities and determine appropriateness of academic grade level.
  • To explore behavioral, emotional or adjustment issues that the client is experiencing
  • To determine possible presence of cognitive changes due to medically- related conditions
  • To assess the client’s cognitive and psychological functioning as basis for psychotherapy treatment plan
  • To determine psychological fitness of an individual for work or certain roles
  • To determine possible presence of psychological disorder

In psychological evaluation, assessment of different areas of functioning (e.g. intellectual, personality, socio- emotional, adaptive, adjustment) of the client is done. Data are collected through interviews, observations, psychological testing and other records of the client. Data collection are done in the clinic where information are obtained in the privacy of the client and under the condition of confidentiality.

What is Psychological Testing?

Psychological testing is a procedure of obtaining data that is relevant for psychological assessment. It involves the use of standardized tests and scales that developed to measure a particular aspect of client’s functioning. The most commonly used tests are intelligence tests and personality tests.

What Happens During Psychological Assessment?

Clients are scheduled to undergo the procedure of psychological assessment in the clinic. The procedure usually takes 4-5 hours to finish depending on the purpose of the evaluation and the pace of the client.

The client will be interviewed and will be asked to answer several forms and psychological tests. These procedures will be done by a licensed psychologist. Release of the psychological evaluation report and feedback session is scheduled after 3-4 weeks.


Step 1: Schedule An Appointment

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns and request for psychological evaluation through our mobile number: +63917-7096961 or e-mail address: You may request any of our psychologist you preferred to conduct the psychological evaluation. The list of our psychologists and their qualifications and professional background are listed here. If you are having trouble choosing from our list, just inform us and we will assist you in choosing a psychologist that is best suited to address your concerns based on their expertise and your preferred schedule.

On the day of your appointment… 

Step 2: Read and Sign our Informed Consent Form

The informed consent form is an agreement between you and our clinic to protect the rights of both parties. Included in the informed consent form are the services you will be receiving, payment/ fees, privacy and confidentiality issues, possible collaboration with other professionals and family members, your permission to us to gather information, and how these information will be used. Upon signing the informed consent from, we can start obtaining relevant information to be used for your psychological evaluation.

Step 3: Intake

  1. Answer our Background Information Form which contains questions about your basic personal details.
  2. Interview with the Psychologist. Our psychologist would talk to you (and your companion) about information relevant to your present psychological concerns.

Step 4: Clinical Observation and Psychological Testing

Our psychologist would conduct individualised (one on one) testing with you. You will be asked to answer tests with different formats (question and answer/ Q&A, manipulation of objects, analysis of pictures/ figures, drawing symbols, written forms, etc.). During testing, the clinician will observe and take note of important test- taking behaviours relevant to the purpose of evaluation.

Step 5: Payment of Fees

Upon completion of the psychological assessment procedure, our staff will assist you in the payment of fess for the services. You will be given an official receipt as proof of your payment.


After the day of your appointment…

Step 6: Wait for the Release of Results

Our psychologist would integrate all the information obtained from you (interview, observation, psychological test results, and other records) in relation to the purpose of your evaluation. The final product of this is a Psychological Evaluation Report. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to release the psychological evaluation report.

Step 7: Release of Psychological Evaluation Report and Feedback Session

Our staff will contact you regarding the schedule of release of the psychological evaluation report. During this meeting, your psychologist will be available to answer any questions or concerns regarding the outcome of the evaluation.


  • Get adequate rest and sleep the night before your assessment session
  • Make sure to get proper nourishment before the assessment procedure. Do not go to the assessment procedure hungry! 🙂
  • Do not forget to bring important personal affects (e.g. reading glasses, canes, hearing aids etc.) that will help you perform well during the assessment.
  • Do not forget to bring documents relevant to the assessment concerns your are consulting (e.g. referral slips from doctors, medical records, school records, previous psychological evaluation reports, medication lists etc.)
  • Inform your psychologist beforehand if you are experiencing discomfort due to medical problems or body concerns prior to the assessment session.
  • Bring a companion with you who can provide relevant information about you and your present concerns
  • Plan for your visit to our clinic. Set an adequate amount of time for travelling to avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress before the assessment.
  • Breath and relax! 🙂


  • How long does an assessment procedure take?

The entire psychological evaluation procedure is approximately 4 to 5 hours. In most cases, the intake procedure of our clients lasts for 2 hours. The length of the psychological testing procedure vary in terms of the tests administered and the pace of the client. This procedure approximately takes 3 hours.

  • Can I request to split the assessment into separate sessions?

In some cases, clients have difficulty finishing the assessment procedure in 1 session. Kindly approach and inform our psychologist or staff if you wish to schedule separate sessions for your intake and psychological testing procedures.

  • It is possible to get a copy of my psychological tests afterwards?

We do not release psychological tests (forms, manuals, and record forms) and raw test results of the clients in accordance to the Code of Ethics for the Philippine Psychologist and the Philippine Republic Act 10029.

  • What kinds of tests will be administered to me?

Psychological tests administered to clients vary with regard to the purpose of evaluation. However, the aim in psychological assessment is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s different areas of functioning. Psychological tests that are usually administered are measures of intelligence, personality, and other adaptive and functional skills. These tests are standardised, have established psychometric properties and underwent rigorous reliability and validity measures by test developers.

  • If I encounter another need for psychological evaluation report, can use the psychological report you released to me?

No. Psychological evaluation are made on the basis of a specific purpose of evaluation. The choice of materials, data collected, and analysis and integration of data are made with regard to the specific purpose of evaluation. If you need a psychological evaluation for another purpose, you have to schedule another procedure specifically for that purpose.

  • Who can have access to my psychological report and other information you obtained from me?

Your psychological evaluation report and other information is only accessible to you. We are bounded by the confidentiality agreement with you. Other people (e.g. family members, collaborating medical professionals, etc.) can have access to your results and information ONLY if you give a written consent. Aside from this, we are obliged to release these information to the court ONLY if we receive a written court order for the release of such information.

  • How much is the psychological evaluation procedure?

You may inquire about our official rates for psychological assessment by calling us or sending a message in our contact number.

If you wish to avail of our psychotherapy or if you know someone who needs psychotherapy, you may contact our center using our contact page:

You may ask our psychologist any question or schedule an appointment with us.