What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is an intervention that utilises psychological principles and framework in helping clients address a specific problem and develop a healthier, adaptive and more productive life. At the core of psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client. The therapist provide an environment that fosters acceptance, trust and responsibility that allows clients to work through their problems in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Clients are able to talk to trained therapists who are neutral and objective to help them discern problem, become empowered, and make responsible choices in their lives.

Our centre believe in each person’s capacity for positive change, adaptation, healing and growth despite experiencing adversities and problems. Our psychologists are professionally trained to assist and guide individuals fulfil their needs and achieve clarity amidst their problems without undermining each person’s right for self- direction.

Our psychologists work on the psychological principle of providing a holistic and integrated approach to therapy. We tailor our therapeutic approach based on the unique concerns, experiences, and socio- cultural background of our clients. Most of our psychologists uses psychodynamic, cognitive- behavioral, humanistic, and existential approaches in psychotherapy.


Step 1: Schedule an Appointment

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns and request for psychotherapy procedure through our mobile number: +63917-7096961 or e-mail address: You may request any of our psychologist see you for your therapy The list of our psychologists and their qualifications and professional background are listed here. If you are having trouble choosing from our list, just inform us and we will assist you in choosing a psychologist that is best suited to address your concerns based on their expertise and your preferred schedule.

Step 2: Read and Sign our Informed Consent Form

The informed consent form is an agreement between you and our clinic to protect the rights of both parties. Included in the informed consent form are the services you will be receiving, payment/ fees, privacy and confidentiality issues, possible collaboration with other professionals and family members, your permission to us to gather information, and how these information will be used.

Step 3:

Initial Session- Intake

  1. Answer our Background Information Form which contains questions about your basic personal details.
  2. Interview with the Psychologist. Our psychologist would talk to you (and your companion) about information relevant to your present psychological concerns. Our psychologists will ask you question to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your problems and determine the best way we can help you.

Session 2- Therapeutic Management Plan

In the next scheduled therapy session, your psychologist will discuss your therapeutic management plan. The management plan is based on your psychologist’s initial assessment of the problems and your mutually agreed goals in the therapy. It is also during this session that you clarify and set expectations in the therapy process.

Step 4: Therapy Sessions

Succeeding sessions of therapy will be conducted by your psychologists. During each session, your psychologist will work with you to explore your conflicts/ problems, process difficult emotions, and make sense of distressing aspects of your life using established psychological principles. Your psychologists may also ask you to do certain assignments outside the therapy session. Family conferences and collaborative meetings will also be done to facilitate therapy progress.

Step 5: Termination

Termination of therapy happens when clients already achieved their therapeutic goal and are already able to independently cope and live better lives. Termination is based on the therapist’s evaluation of success of therapy (through progress notes) or other inevitable circumstances (e.g. problem in client’s compliance, therapist and client fit etc.). In such cases, our psychologists will gradually prepare you for termination. You will be informed of this at least 2 sessions prior to the termination of your therapy session.

Step 6: Follow- up sessions (optional)

Follow- up sessions may be scheduled to check for progress and any concerns that may arise following the termination of the therapy.


  • How long does a therapy procedure take?

The intake session for therapy approximately takes 2 hours. The length of intake depends on the nature of the problem of the client and the information needed by our psychologist. The succeeding therapy session ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hour.

  • Do I need to have a psychological evaluation before psychotherapy?

Our psychologist will make a brief assessment during the intake whether you need to undergo psychological evaluation or you can go straight to therapy. In most cases, our psychologists can already adequately assess the problem during the intake. If this happens, you can already be scheduled for subsequent therapy. Otherwise, your psychologist will inform you of your need for psychological evaluation prior to therapy session.

  • Can I request my psychologist for a report regarding my therapy?

Your therapist will provide you oral feedback and progress report after several sessions of your therapy.

  • Will anyone else know that i’m seeking therapy?

Your psychotherapy sessions are treated with utmost confidentiality. We are bounded by the confidentiality agreement with you. We can only inform other people (e.g. family members, collaborating medical professionals, etc.) about specific aspect of your therapy ONLY if you give a written consent. Aside from this, we are obliged to release these information to the court ONLY if we receive a written court order for the release of such information.

  • How much is the psychotherapy procedure?

You may inquire about our official rates for psychological assessment by calling or sending a message to us in our contact number.

If you wish to avail of our psychotherapy or if you know someone who needs psychotherapy, you may contact our center using our contact page:

You may ask our psychologist any question or schedule an appointment with us.